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Thread: Unusual health awareness commercial UK

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    Unusual health awareness commercial UK


    A public service health announcement for men! Significant to us as we age.

    British health commercial. Gotta love those Brits......

    Only the Brits have "the balls" to make a health commercial like this one.

    Heed the advice, have a check-up!

    A British commercial you will not see in the USA.

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    Holy Shit!! Nope you wont see that one in the USA TV stations. Good advice though.

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    Mudgecko, Nothin Unusual in that NHS (National Health Service) Broadcast Normally just before BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) News. In Fact I myself was in Very Close Contact with the Same Girl in the Advert only 2 days ago. Ironic, you only have to hear her northern manchester accent to know she is local to Cat-Cave.

    Holly Shit: Mudgecko, Is Google Tracking the Catman's Movements or What ?? . I throught I had Seen the Nurse taking my Blood Culture Sample Somewhere Before, I even said " I dont like looking at Neddles, you have warm hands and a nice Smile to Look at Instead", She Must Be A Lesbian, I was ONLY being Nice and Polite, The Other Blonde Nurse a week ago didnt leave me feeling like I have had a Screw Driver PZ1 stuck in my arm, But on the Other Hand your Black Underwear Does look Good Throu your Blue Nurse Uniform . Painfull .

    Photo of Proof, Next Time I will Ask anther Nurse to Take A Photo of The Same Nurse Abstracting Blood from Catman.

    my arm.jpg

    Yeap No Shit, I have been told my Iron Levels are way to low, Must be Joking with the Amount Of Iron Dust I am Choking On with my Cat Projects, Doctor Says to myself and Mrs Catman "Mr Byron you NEED More IRON", Mrs Catman Said " Doctor Please Dont Encorange any more IRON, He Has More Than Enough ForSure".

    So in a Nut Shell, I Clinically Need More IRON , and from my Mental Assement there IS No Current Cure for my Condition but been Given the Green Light in the NORMAL Catergory.

    Thomas84, I am booked in 12 months in Advance for a General Good Seeing Too at my Local Hospital. Its Now a Law Issue to have 2 Doctors or Nurses Present for Pants Down Testing. I Allways Insist on 2 Females. And Explain I do Feel my Balls for the Odd lumps here and there. But I would Like a PROFESIONALS Feel to Make Sure.

    Gilbert, have a look for Breast Awarness in the UK. Its all Tame Check out Your Titties, Nuthin more than PAGE 3 of all Major Tablod Newspapers. You might Enjoy Looking at sum of the Sweedish TV Advert's, Not Suitable for UK General Public Viewing Laws.


    P.S. Don't Forget to Check your Balls and Shaft, Or Book Yourself in For a Shaft and Ball Maintance Schedule.

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